Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Need Guidance in Setting Up a Challenge/Goals?

Ran across this thread while surfing.

Very good, pick one from the list. Have several with different games (cash, SNG Single, MTT). Different bankrolls (from 2NL to 200NL and beyond). Good read. While visiting forums, why not register, and take a peak in the strategy section? Great info there also.

Build a BR 4: Graph Hard with a Vengeance For this forum, Firefox users (and maybe some others), in order to register, may need to click on post, hit the reply button, and then the registration page shows up.

Regarding my previous post, forgot to mention:

!! While I do subscribe to the service (hope they keep letting me do so after my posts in their forum, or non posts?), and strongly suggest others do too (Boku87 does), PLEASE do not subscribe simply to get their HUD. As noted in the previous post, drastic things can happen if your software is caught. AND, there is a problem with them keeping up with updates that renders the HUD useless.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Said you saw me at the end of a game ? were you playing?

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