Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So, What the Heck Have I Been Up To? Study and Tweaking.

Well, its been a few days since I've posted. Want to cover a few topics, and catch the readers up with What's Going On.

I've been sick for a few days, throwing my daily life into a little bit of an off array. Didn't play any poker, because the medication made my mind a tad fuzzy. I recommend to everyone, DO NOT PLAY POKER if you find your mind is not up to the game. This isn't WOW, this is real money against real opponents with skill and huds vs. your abilities. Ergo, no points have accumulated on Full Tilt, so I won't be vying for the point a day Freeroll next month.

Another aspect of the game I would like to discuss is observation. Even though I have holdem manager, I do not record observed hands. For one thing, at the level I'm playing, it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will run into repeat opponents over and over again. So, I will have created a large database without real meaning. However, I have played online, and observed many different types of games at ALL stake levels over and over since 2003. This gives me a distinct advantage to recognizing patterns, even as PRNG's or TRNG's evolve for different Poker sites. Therefore, when I start to see a certain sequence of cards being dealt in a tourney, I can tell when a LOSING STREAK is about to happen. It is simple Mathematics. and the ability to recognize patterns in a pseudo random environment. While observing, I WILL keep notes on players, AND I highly recommend keeping notes on Players while at the table. HuDs will be useful at the higher levels, but your opponents are probably using them also. And, as I've seen repeatedly in other blogs, despite High VPIP readings, the Villain tends to win a big pot anyway. So HUDS can be off.

Are you folks doing the computer Maintenance as described in this post? Its very important to SHUT the machine down, at least weekly. Hibernation is not the same thing. Desktop users will want to unplug the Desktop for 1 to 2 minutes in order to clean out Memory, as opposed to Laptop users removing the battery. Windows builds up a lot of residual, the Service Host Process being the largest, and for Vista/Win 7 users, DWM, Desktop Windows Management, keeps using up larger and larger amounts of memory as you do more playing, and visit more websites, etc., without clearing the Memory. Rebooting does not clean all this residual out, only clearing the memory by disconnecting the Power Supply will work.

As to the question of adding RSS feed to the Sidebar of your blog, I downloaded firefox last year when I got my new puter, and transferred the settings and add ons from my old Computer. I also have the Sage Reader add on (others can do a quick look for different subscription readers, as Sage may be outdated for the current version). For IE users, I do not know how you would accomplish the same thing. When I reach a site I want to add for feeds to other posts, I open up Sage, and click on the Search for Feeds, add RSS feed, and then right click the new link in sage, select properties. In separate window, tab, I select Edit Layout, Add Gadget, and the the RSS Feeder shown. It will ask for the URL, which I copy and Paste from the Properties box (or you can simply copy and paste to notepad), and upload the Gadget to Layout. Place the Gadget wherever you want it to show up, and then Save Layout. I then Delete the link from Sage (unless I want to keep the site in there), and I am done. IE users, please comment as to your methods for doing this. I have switched to Firefox since a potential Nasty tried to hit my old computer in 2008, and with Vista Use, very rarely use IE for anything. So other browsers with blogs, feel free to help a commenter out with how to add RSS, Atom feeds through the Gadget for BlogSpot.

Now, for the Current Status of my Poker Playing. I am tweaking a new Low Buy In Multi Table Tournament Strategy. As described in my Turbo Tournaments post, Turbos are a pre-flop Game. My finished page will have strategies for all kinds of tournaments, but Turbos are the strategy I wish to start with. So, I have made a preliminary list of pre-flop hole cards to work with at different stages of the Game. Another Study is the Pre-Flop Strategy by Chris Ferguson (though the challenge is for ring games, its meant to translate into tournaments also). I will be observing some games, to see how these hole cards hold up at different stages. I will play approximately 10 Turbos, and then analyze the games and Pre Flops in Holdem Manager (maybe between 3 or 4 games at a time). As I tweak the findings, I plan on being more in the money (which is the goal here anyways). So research and study has been the duty of the day (which is a necessary part of Playing Online Poker).

Boy, my posts just keep getting bigger than earlier days. Hope you find them useful. My current status is played 19 tourneys on Stars since start of challenge, 2/7/2010. My current bankroll is $6.04 (I think). Last played on 2/23/2010, because of the losing streak feeling I had coming on. So hopefully, new play at later date will have dropped the streak.


L4Y SP said...

excellent stuff . i play the $1 9 man turbos on ft . unfortunately i have busted my roll too many times playing goddamn rush. i hv worked my mini roll from $3 to $33 . look forward to your next post , regards, adam

5 oh Two Challenge said...

Major reading on your blog
Keep it up , GREAT WORK!!!!

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