Sunday, March 7, 2010

Submitted for Your Approval, Turbo Tournament Strategy Development

The work on the Turbo Tournament Strategy continues. I have four aspects I am looking at:

  1. Writing Up the Pre-flop Strategy

  2. Observation of Other Games (and excellent time to take notes on your opponents, snyder321, I've got you noted :-)

  3. Playing actual games and analyzing the results (also, time to keep notes on other players, including when you bust out, which is hard to do.)

  4. Tweaking the strategy to match the results

A note on Observation, paying Attention to the Types of Players you are surrounded with:

  • One that doesn't really know poker, much less tournament strategy. Likely to go all in first hand with J9 off (or such other ridiculous call).
  • One that doesn't really care about the tournament (low cost excuse, "its only 10 cents" will be on many players minds).
  • Of course, the general fish, and the opponent that seems to be out to prove how many pots he can steal with a bluff and big stack (watch for this player to go on tilt, got lucky early in the game with that J9 off, and will start going all in with any 2 cards).

Second Aspect, Observation. For this, I simply observe tourneys. Plenty of opportunities here, just pick one and watch. Or, look up a known player (such as the one noted in my Multi-Table study, or the infamous snyder321). You can keep notes on the folks you watch, dependent on your setup for note taking. You will then start to find some previous noted players in your own tournament.

You can also pull up notes/labels while observing from tourney lobby when find noted players, or after searching for a player, and finding their table.

The purpose of observation was to see how well my strategy would play, and to note other folks using the same sort of play. I have noticed at the lower level of buy in, a few start off with the good strategy approach, with later donking due either to the reliance on Luck Variable, or because of regular Tournament Strategy, not applicable to Turbos. So application of the strategy can prove invaluable in that edge against opponents without this knowledge.

Third Aspect, Actual application of the strategy:

I have to keep reminding myself to keep notes on other players. It is STRONGLY recommended that while learning the strategy, to play MANY games, and not MULTI-TABLE. The reason being, you will want to learn the key elements prior to playing more than one table, so that when you open more than one table, you have the skills needed to play.

My play has improved greatly with the strategy. Prior to the study, I had played 19 tourneys total, with varying results. After some application, the next 4 tourneys proved more closer to the money, with the exception of one. The next post will address those tourneys.

First and Fourth Aspect: Writing the Strategy, and Tweaking with Study.

I developed the strategy (soon to be published), based on some study of blind structure, position, pre-flop play, and recommended hole cards. Since Turbos are a Pre-Flop Game, the two starting cards are MOST important, followed by Chip Stack size relative to the Blinds, then your position on the table. After that, we have stages for the tournament, which I have broken into early, middle, late, nearing the bubble, in the money, and final table.

After some work, I have the early, middle and later stages going pretty well. With the help of analysis though Holdem Manager, I have noted some additions and subtractions to basic Hole cards based on position (not only stack size). A lot of my prior study did not include In the Money Play, nor actual Final Table. Nearing the Bubble, I've had to incorporate a few different strategies here. I am tweaking the Nearing the Bubble, In the Money, and Final Table stage through actual application via observation, actual play, and tourney analysis.

The next posts will address some of these aspects, where I fell off, and lastly, offer a READER CHALLENGE for your consideration (think Rod Serling here).

Passing Personal Note: VERY IMPORTANT, Man, I need more coffee.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

The link didn't work for me on IE or ZILLA.
I'm not sure why you picked me for your study.
(I think that's what your doing)
Even if I end up being a donkey , kinda cool someone noticed me , lol

As far as the coffee. I'm in Seattle,
enough said

FutureInsights said...

LOL, I didn't pick you for the study. You just happened to be online (actually, you are doing rather well).

FutureInsights said...

PS, and I'm in Kent.

And PPS, the note in the post was a quick note I made for demonstration purposes, not you nor the multi-table study (since you don't tend to multi-table 12 or more tourneys at a time). That guy is in Eugene, lived 13 years in Salem.

5 oh Two Challenge said...

12 would be to many for me and my screen. I can only play a few or one ,to busy looking up words I dont know how to spell. lol

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