Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Full Tilt Poker Bankroll Challenge Explained

Now, this site is being run differently than the PokerStars Challenge. I initially invested a sum, and found it tough going no matter what game I played. I then discovered the Full Tilt Academy, and have vastly improved (the players DO tend to be tougher on Tilt than Stars).

I had built up a nice nest egg running challenges, and playing within the Bankroll limits. Then came along Rush Poker (and with it, a little greed). Instead of sticking with my usual Bankroll Management rules, I went in with larger stacks (since folks were decrying this was the way to go), or found luck at higher limits than I should be playing (since folks were making fun of the limit I was playing). Twas my own fault. And - a few times I didn't cash when it would have meant over $200 in Bankroll, only to find I lost my whole stack to KK vs AA, or AA vs KK, and a K falls on the river.

Disgusted, I promptly cashed out my roll (while building a roll is good, I DO use my winnings as a supplemental income). When discussing this with support on the phone, they suggested a simple self-exclusion. I stated that cashing a roll was REALLY GOOD self exclusion. I later re deposited with Echeck, and all problems have been solved.

Now, my account on Full Tilt is a little different. I was raking in the Bonus Dollars (since Rush came, it was fairly easy). I am also set up for Rakeback. I had started the Bankroll Building Challenge by Chris Ferguson, but with deposits coming in and out of account, the Bankroll was continually reset. So, I put it on hold to run the courses.

I am considering the cash out to be part of my overall Bankroll (for live games and Full Tilt). Ergo, when I did a trial deposit for $40, and with better discipline in mind, sat at a few sessions of rush, to succeed in doubling or tripling my buy in. The dollars on Full Tilt are actually to work the challenges, and are considered investment in my Poker Education. Between the cash and the $$ on site, my roll would be considered over $200. So I do give myself a little leeway when it comes to Rush Poker and Bankroll Management.

With the introduction of Rush Poker, I became interested in the Iron Man Challenge (noting the points REALLY rack up, especially during Happy Hour). You can find out all the promotions and points under My Promotions in the Full Tilt Client. Right now, between the 2 sites, I don't see having enough time to spread the required points over 15 to 25 days. However, there is a point a day qualifier for a freeroll, and that will be my first attempt starting March 1st.

First part of challenge, use the $53+ in account to complete the MTT Challenge I'm currently in. I have found that after a couple of tournaments, a quick run through on Rush 10NL (remember my lax rules here), catch me back up rather quickly. This Challenge is a little perplexing, because the first one has cost me some tournies (in fact, since starting the challenge, haven't made one final table).

With a stack of at least 50x the big blind in a real money, 45+ player, NLH MTT or MT S&G, call a raise and see a flop with small to medium suited no-gap or one-gap connectors (10-9 or lower) or with a small suited ace (A-8 or lower). Repeat twice.

Since this portion is completed (and you have to play so many number of tournaments JUST to get these cards at the right moment, AND hope someone raises), I can see some smoother sailing ahead. Check out the Tournament Checklist Challenge for yourself.

Challenges/Lessons I have completed (and, in this order):
  1. The Academy's Guide to Sit-n-Gos, Phil Gordon

  2. Betting Basics, Howard Lederer (this one is really good)

  3. Understanding Position, Bill Edler

  4. Sit & Gos by the Numbers, Aaron Bartely

  5. Mastering the Bubble, Howard Lederer

  6. 5 Common Leaks, Phil Gordon

  7. The Mathematics of Poker, Andy Bloch

  8. Pre-Flop Strategy, Chris Ferguson (another really good one)

  9. I've also completed 5 steps for the Serious Beginner, Phil Gordon (though I wasn't a beginner at the time, points out some new topics not covered in the other lessons)

Challenges Working On, Yet to Complete:
  1. The Tournament Checklist, Andy Bloch

  2. Bankroll Management, Chris Ferguson

Now, before moving on to the more advanced courses, and before continuing the Bankroll Management Challenge, I might repeat some Lessons, starting with the Micro Stakes (since they introduced a 5NL Rush game). I want to redo, and refresh, strategies as I climb the limits here, WHILE building the roll up back to where it SHOULD be. There are also some mid level lessons to add on, that are not listed as part of the Course List.

So this is a different kind of Challenge, and one that can be complimented with other forms of Poker Education. However, to know only one style of player is not helpful, so challenges on TWO sites is warranted, in my Opinion.

P.S. My Favorite Pro is Chris Ferguson.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

1)This seems to be all over the place now.
but here is just one I found.

2)I saw something yesterday on poker academy.Have you used it?,or just an ad you placed on your site?

5 oh Two Challenge said...

cant seem to post it
but its Ron Rydon of it , should show up , It a "fair " tax bill(dont know bout that), but it seems like it has Barney Franks bill in that one . something like that LOL

FutureInsights said...

2)I saw something yesterday on poker academy.Have you used it?,or just an ad you placed on your site?

Nope, if you read the post, I completed several challenges.

1)This seems to be all over the place now.

Its just poker journalists (not major news sources), that are picking up on the 2+2 thread I posted in a comment on your blog.

but its Ron Rydon of it , should show up...

There's a thread on this in the 2+2 forums also. Seems debatable. Step in the right direction though. States may be able to opt in (which would make Washington State very unpopular if Gregoire keeps her stance. Its the trbal casinos in play here, but they've been lax on the money to the state. Don't really like Gregoire - never did - but didn't want Rep with Bush tactics in office, not as good as the presidential election).

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