Monday, March 15, 2010

Reader Challenge 1 - Turbo Tourneys - Your Mission

Now, it is time for the Challenge - GAME ON!!

Fellow bloggers and casual visitors, come one and all, join me (as I would ask nothing of someone else that I wouldn't do myself). Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to play Turbo SNG MTT tourneys, perfecting your play, limiting your losses, accepting loss as part of the equation, and make a profit.

Reread the following posts to refresh your brain (note, these pop up in separate window, tab):

The Challenge, Step by Step:

  1. With your own hand histories in mind, develop a strategy to play turbos, focusing on the pre flop focus of this game. Develop a strategy for what YOU believe are the different stages of the tournament. It doesn't have to be fancy, I have mine typed up in a Notepad text file.

  2. Play 12 Turbo Tourneys at or below 2% of your bankroll. I have $6. That means I'm limited to the 10 cent Turbos.
    Play Turbos listed in the Sit N Go Multi Table Tab. A fixed number of players lessens the variance and time, as opposed to large fields of opponents in scheduled tournaments.
    Play Turbos with 90 or more players (the practice of nearing the bubble can be more aptly applied here).
    Practice your Strategy and Note Taking while playing.

  3. If you lose 3 tourneys in a row. STOP. Take a break, analyze some play, observe the tourney you were just knocked out of (stalk the guy who knocked you out), lunch, laundry, whatever. Pay attention to your statistics. If total hands called is above 25% (and you get knocked out), STOP. Tweak your tournaments strategy, and try again.

  4. Out of 12 Turbo tourneys, finish 8 or more in the top 50% (180 for 360 man, 45 for 90 man, etc.) This enables patience, and shows any leaks in your tournament strategy.

  5. Out of the 12 turbo tourneys, finish 6 or more in the top 15% (54 or better in 360 man, 14 or better in 90 man). This gets you near the bubble, and if you get knocked out, or your short stack race explodes, you can tweak the tourney strategy some more.

  6. Out of the 12 turbo tourneys, finish in the money 4 or more times. You've played 8, you're not multi tabling beyond 2 or 3 at a time, you've followed the steps, you SHOULD be statistically in the Money 33% of the time. Running races of 60/40, it would be better at 40% in the money, however, losing streaks do happen. So lets look at cashing 33% of the time.

  7. Out of the 12 turbo tourneys, make the Final Table 2 or more times. This is where the money is at, this should be your goal. We're looking at 17% final. Even if you finish 9th twice, that is 1.80 at the 10 cent SNGs. If you cash and final at this rate, you will be making a profit.

There will be more challenges later, but this should do for now. Feel free to post your results. Have fun, and good luck on the Felt.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Cool, ill probably play a bit later.
Just play anytime or start when?

Also PS has a .10 big tourny

I have signed up ,starts at 5:30 pac time

5 oh Two Challenge said...

I have accepted the challenge by

12 sng games @ .10 buy in for each.
Mine are the turbo 360 player on PS

Game 01 Place 025 prize 0.30

Nomad said...

I don't really like turbos so I won't participate but I will follow this just for the fun of it. Good luck with it 5 oh two.

I challenge you all to come up with a mantra in the contest.

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srmsofttech said...

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casino said...

the challenge is great! i will tell all my friends about it and we will do it for sure

poker said...

I will tell my friends, thanks for infos!

Anonymous said...

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Yori Misori said...

This interest me since I'm fond of online casinos and gambling related stuff. I wonder what would be the result of the challenge :)

Bankroll Journey to $100k (Mother Undercover) said...

i just started blogging 2 weeks ago- I'm focusing on my cash game bankroll in my blog... however i LOVE your blog because I also play on-line when I cant play live and so far I've successfully started a bankroll on PokerStars without depositing any money I'm up to $11 after cashing in one of the free rolls. I think I won $2.35 and then I started the sng the only rule I didn't follow was the 2% of total bankroll, I tend to want to play at least $1 - but I really like your rules of thumb.

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