Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar?

Well, whether they liked it or not, the Cats allowed me to sleep until aournd 7:30 am this morning. The sun was actually out (well, in Seattle, there was daylight). This has usually not been the case.

Keep my TV on CNBC (Dunno why when Stock Market not running). Just an observation.

SO, will play later today, but decided to work on Blog this morning.

A Computer Geeks observation for those playing Online Poker:

  • Even with 3gb Memory - your machine will run best if you reboot at least once a day.
  • At least once a week, shut your laptop down. Leave off over night.
  • I have a Targus Stand Alone Cooler (fans the Laptop from the Bottom, best for Toshibas that have the cooling fan on side). Add some cooling to your system for online stretches.
  • You will want to defrag your machine at least once daily or every 2 days. I use Auslogics, which is free. I then use the Windows defragger (you need to use both), to keep the MFT (Master File Table) pointer up to date, and helps with the registry.
  • Laptop users, occasionally dump your prefetch files except readyboost directory (that actually holds the xml file used in Event Viewer), maybe about once every three months or less.
  • Also, when you turn off your laptop, take out the battery, and continually press on the Power Button (hold down). Repeat for about 2 mins. This will clean your memory out.

Hope the above helps.

PS, got the time wrong for the FTP academy Freeroll yesterday, so only played one hand. Apparently, it starts at 15:01 eastern time, which is 12:00 my time. Thought it was 16:59. My bad.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Have not tried the sit n go yet
getting my butt kicked in the live games
maybe i should

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