Sunday, February 7, 2010

Almost to the Final

6th Tourney, placed 13th, Big Stack on Right trying to crush with 4k blinds, and did. However, garnered .40. That's a total profit of $.50. 5 buyins. Bankroll now $5.64.

A word on Turbo Tourneys. While some sites are faster than others, if the other players are slow playing, all is about equal. If have AhKh, and flop brings 2 hearts, are considered a favorite. In a deep stack tourney, with 100BB in your stack, if someone else pushes all in, you would most likely fold. In a turbo, the early stages, many go all in.

There is also a basic strategy for low buyin tourneys which differs somewhat from the higher buyins. But good strategic play is learned along the way as you climb the levels.

Later we will have a Turbo and Mathematics discussion.

For now, will take break to run to the Ranch.

See Ya.


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