Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here is a sample of my first game. Just not much to work with.

I did blow it myself.

Here's the scoop:

First game, having to start to sit out, no cards.

Even if called and flopped 2 pair, someone else gets better hand.

Blinds 30.

Typical, moved to another table, can't play for several hands, lose any edge, no chip gain.

First hand, 24 off. Folded.

My most favorite hand, blinds at 50, J3 off. Stats so far, 7 hands, seen 0.

Q8 of spades, hmmm, folded.

Woohoo, won a hand with K7 suited, 3rd king on turn called 100.

Folded J3 clubs to 500 raise, woulda won, they split the pot to a straight

Folded A8 off.

Shouldn't have called the 35 suited.

Blinds up to 150, chip count 2235. Players playing really slow, number hands played 17.

Folded J8 off UTG.

Blinds at 200, in BB J7 off. Folded to raise, chip count 2035.

Won an all in J7 suited with my 109 suited, 2565 chip count (only limped in sb)

Finished in 117th place. My own fault, called 1k raise with K10, flopped 10, he had JJ (because last hand would have won), should have folded

Total stats for game, dealt 24 hands, saw flop total of 4 out of 24. Total pots won, 2.


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