Friday, February 12, 2010

Back Into the Full Tilt Poker Cashier

Maybe the second time is the Charm.

Found out they deleted the old Echeck profile for me, so start over (that's okay with me, but the Premium Bank Wire never disappeared). Verified, like my bank requested, that the numbers matched the ACH online tool, did that by reclicking in all fields after match proclaimed. Again, processed and approved rather quickly (they are supposed to check the account as part of the processing).

Telephone support suggested a software glitch, so not willing to deposit more than $40, to bring my BR up to $53, where it was before.

Some goodies, besides the MTT challenge I play for $1 are coming up. The 5k freeroll I qualify for every month by doing Sit N learns in the FTP academy (Check out the Full Tilt Poker Academy Tag, for the site). Also, the Forum has a nightly gathering for very low cost, might try a couple of those. Plenty I can do with the $13 extra, while waiting for the $40 to clear my bank account (will be checking every day or so).


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