Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something is Fishy with The Full Tilt Payment Processor

Yesterday was a day of trying to troubleshoot issues with an echeck. This was my first. I had called several times to see when they would process, since it never showed up as ACH pending. On the 8th (after I went to bed), they pulled the $40 I had deposited, leaving me with $13.

Now, there are several problems with this scenario. First off, this is a Deposit Issue that the Deposit Issue Phone Number doesn't handle (hhhmmmm). Then, there is significantly (supposedly), nothing wrong with my account. AND, the premium wire transfer option, which shows up AFTER a successful Echeck transaction, is still there.

I emailed support, echeck and cashier departments twice. The second time, included screen shot of Bank Account showing money was always there. This was yesterday. As is notorious for Full Tilt Support, they take there ever loving sweet time to respond. Phone support says it may be a software glitch, but I think there is a possibility for other issues to be lurking, and would prefer to hear it from Support myself.

I do have another card I could add to make up the money (time to switch cards), but I hesitate there may be an issue with the account, and wait for Supports reply. My bank lets you pull up routing and account info matching checks for ACH online. I cut and pasted these numbers into withdrawal fields. While all transactions had time stamps, the supposed nsf problem had 00:00:00 (which, if eastern time, is 9 pm my time, and 8 pm my banks processing time). My bank doesn't process at that time.

I also found out they had to authorize the funds were in account prior to releasing - which they did (this is why the processing window takes so long). I don't believe they even tried to withdraw, so will wait on response prior to depositing again (I could pretend Chris Ferguson, starting with very little, working my way up, lol). Will keep updated as to how this progresses (P.S. not alone in this).


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