Thursday, February 11, 2010

Progress on Hold at Pokerstars Due to Research - Multitabling.

So, I wondered about multitabling as a reduction in variance. Decided to observe a game, and noted someone calling all in with questionable hands. I then decided to do a player search.

With my Bankroll at $5+, and my limit at .10 cents (per Bokus rules), Observing a few can be a good thing. This player was playing between 8 and 12 tables at a time. So I hopped on a few. He neglected to notice a ROCK RAISE, and went all in with Ah7h after calling someone with KK, and a 7 hit the flop. He busted out in the 20s, with a good chip stack, by going all in with A4 off (these tend to be his favorite hands). He didn't even bother just calling the limp. He also likes to stick it in there in early rounds with KQ, suited or not, preflop.

Conclusion - after checking stats, this poor boy doesn't win enough to warrant the multitable. 12 tables cost 1.20. He was lucky to get an occasional cash at .30, .20. To break even, need 1.20, and for that, need to make the final table. Would need to cash in at least 6 of the 12 tourneys to make any slight profit (note, I cashed in 2 of 6 to make a .10 cent profit).

Now, when I am tending to lose (say down to $1k chips and the blinds are 200 or more), I will start a new game, however, I've noticed that the same ugly cards follow me to the second game. Pokerstars PRNG is also based on mouse movements, so sitting out when I'm card dead may be working against me.

So onto the races, and we will see where today will lead.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Wishing you good luck at the tables and your challenge
Mine also started w/5+,and also out of Seattle,Washington
I have been useing Poker Dominator for my graghs
To me, I think there is plenty of free stuff online , you do not need to d/l anything for your stats.
If i can help w/ anything , just ask
Good Luck

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