Friday, February 12, 2010

Multitabling and Boku87, PokerStars F40 Promotion

While watching the object of Wednesday's multitable marathon (posted on Thursday), I started looking for the 40 person SNG's advertised on the 40 Billion Hand Promotion on Pokerstars. Saw some Symbols from the lobby, and low and behold, Boku87 was in action (the inspiration of my challenge for PokerStars).

So I did a search for Boku, wanting to check out some play in action. The search filled the screen. This was about 9 am pst, so about 12 pm pst. I tried to hop in on SNG's MTT's where he was close to the money.

Now, confirming on search today that our poor German boy is on a downswing, we are all susceptible to that infamous word TILT. I didn't know at the time, (he was still in a $100+ tourney, and shortly busted out) but our guy here was suffering a little tilt. One table, with still a substantial chip stack, Boku went all in with Q8 suited!!! Huh??? Another table was A4 off. Give me a break here (remember the A4 off in my previous post? Do a search in the blog).

Boku played well over 200 tourneys yesterday, ending with a win of $1k plus. He varied between many different games from 18 man to 180 man. Buyins from $100 to $25. He does have more cashes than wins, which is still very important for ROI, but he spent WAY more money than he won. I guesstimate a total of 400 tourneys yesterday, but that is just a guess.

That form of Multitabling at that level can lead to this. He is on a quest, he is also writing a book on SNG MTT strategy, but making those kind of plays will lead to this kind of result. You can't just hop back to a screen, and go all in with those kind of hands, without knowledge of your opponents. And you can't get a good grasp of your opponents, unless you have been observing them. And 50 or more games at a time, just does not allow for this. (Boku, you already wrote about this on your blog, please remember).

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