Monday, February 22, 2010

Life of Poker and Blogging, Where is the Time?

Well, haven't played nor blogged this weekend. Yesterday, took off time to wait for Sis and a visit to Reber Ranch for cheap Premium Cat Supplies (a conundrum there - I feed Wellness Canned and Eagle Pack dry, if you have cats, Google is your friend). As part of scheduling my life, I couldn't get into blogging nor tournament play during the time Sis might show up, only to find out that she wouldn't show up till today (note, she is NOT into Poker).

Spent time in the Full Tilt Forums, to find out some with check depositing issues, which I followed up on. Looks like I am safe (whew). Got lost in other forums too, Two plus Two had some interesting reads over 300 pages long (so bookmarked, but probably won't be able to finish). Did some posting in all my fave Forums (links on sidebar), watch out in the Holdem Manager Forum, folks willing to Pay for Datamining!! Once again, if you are needing this data so bad, or are using others like Poker Edge or Sharkscope HUD, you ARE NOT PLAYING POKER, YOU ARE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME!! A True Professional should be able to play on ANY SITE and in ANY Card Room, and many of the players relying on HUDs WON'T play on the Cake Network, because the Huds aren't allowed (and some other sites are producing issues, so folks won't play till they get that HUD working?) Nuff said.

Speaking of Poker Tracking Software, I layed down the $54.99 to activate my trial version of Holdem Manager. I love the stats in this software, and can only see my game improve. I also spent some time changing the format of the blog from 2 column to 3 column, not sure if I like it yet (so please don't get bug eyed if I change it back). My blog list needed to be redone, thank god for automation. If you are interested in 3 column templates, look under the Copyright test at the bottom of this blog (that's also where you will find the other Blogs of note).

As to Blogs of note, I do try to read and keep up with my faves. Part of my study includes following the live blogging at the Venetian for the beginning of the North American Poker Tour (plenty of big names in there). Refresh this page, and check out the Sidebar for links to the latest RSS feeds. For the Rigged theorists out there (or those just woeing that they can't win at MTT tourney's, please read this blog for Bad Beats - such as QQ against AQ and KJT flop, KK against 77 for a 7 on the Turn, etc). My favorite Blogger Covering this is found at Hard Boiled Poker, check him out.

Other blogs of note, there are similar challenges to mine - one for snyder321, and this new one I found for Nomad. Do stop by and give them a shout. I have several down below, all good reads.

Today's schedule: write up and article for Low Buyin MTT strategy, a little around the house stuff (including the Trip to Reber), and I swear, I will try to get in some Poker (though I must catch up on some reading for the NAPT).

PS, there will be a contest later when I reach between $12 and $50 in Bankroll. Be ready, I already know what the prize will be (and the rules).

So I changed the Template back, still working on the settings, I lost some functionality I was unaware of.


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Not sure what your contest is about? looks interesting. Also ,I love cake poker ,Im thinking of doing a challenge on Cake.Starting on freeroll.This one is first though.

And I play with nothing like that "data mineing"
What does it do? And does it help ones game?

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