Monday, February 15, 2010

Evening Post - Read All About It

Well, I started to feel a bit tired when it came to playing some MTTs on Stars. Been working on the site, and reading up on some blogs I've been following.

Noted: someone mentioned his play and bankroll went down when playing tired. So, I decided just to observe a few games (at that level, I don't bother to record hands observed). I started working on backgrounds, and I can tweak this one some more later.

A word on the tools I use to track my games, and improve results.

I use Holdem Manager, though have to manually enter tourney stats. Better for cash games. I have the bare subscription to Sharkscope, so can get tourney results and graphs better than Holdem Manager. Downloaded a spreadsheet, that automatically calculates bankroll, and keeps tabs on tourneys (and other games if you wish). Manual entry, graphs aren't that great. Obviously, you need your Poker Client to save Hand Histories.

Tomorrow, life may crack into my Poker play. Errands to run, and phone calls to make. Might try in the evening, but again, if feeling like sleeping, won't play. (Never hurts to watch and take notes though).

Good Night to All, its a back to work week.


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