Monday, February 8, 2010

Holdem Manager Ties Me Down

Sorry took so long, couldn't play any tourneys last night.

Decided to do the trial version of Holdem Manager, blah, what a nightmare installation. I also have 3 GB mem, but this and Postgres SQL, take up just about all of it.

Little bit of info. I have a Toshiba Laptop. I'm also a bit of a Computer Geek, and former Network Certified individual. After uninstalling and installing (didn't have to worry about databases, since the program could never connect), discovered through Google Searching that the Combo Installation from Holdem Manager's site, while allowing for admin access of the appropriate programs in Holdem Manager, doesn't set for starting the PostGres Server with blank Password on most machines.

Mode is default mb5, and blank password. That is for starting the server. Mb5 will never work with a blank password. Kept getting Postgres Failed to Start errors. A common error on my particular machine is "Unable to initialize the security package Kerberos for server side authentication." Mb5 requires Keboros. The Microsoft Knowledge Base and Technet will say this is a common error, and not to worry about it. However, the default login will never work, even if put in SuperUser.

So, first was to set the Authentication Mode in Postgres to Trusted. No problems after that. Did note no hands were downloaded during observation on Pokerstars (FullTilt has put a stop to this), but I didn't mind.

The memory problems may prevent me from using the HUD. At my current level of play, I can only see purchasing the Microstakes one, until I work up several limits. I do see the value in importing and analyzing hand histories, but don't know about the hud. For tourney play, prefer the quick reads I get on folks (its turbo anyways). Can keep notes on the players themselves.

Since my play was kinda erratic over the past couple months, I am only paying attention to play after 2/1/2010 (plus, the challenges on FullTilt cause you to make some plays that won't necessarily win you the tourney, but are worthwhile tools to learn). So graphing my play on PokerStars will be interesting.

Now, I have to work on the Memory hogging since downloading these programs. I have set Postgres to Manaul, which set the .Net Optimization service (need 3.5 for this, that also Mem Hog) to manual. Will only use to import Hand histories for now. But even with rebooting, defrag, etc., the Mem is not the same after installing these programs.


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