Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, Starting to get a Little Tired

As you can see, did a little tweaking of the site. Hope you like some of the Blogs at the Bottom. Some of the Newbies need your Support, (just like me), so give them a cheer. Others are great from everything to stats, strategy, and rush poker. Something for everyone out there.

While trying to get to one of the blogs, "", Avast sent off a JS:Small-C Trojan warning. This site must be using Wordpress, because googling has shown an exploit in the older programs. Would have loved to read it, but it redirects to oriental porn sites, NOT exactly what I was looking for. So if you don't have Avast, please don't follow the link (unless you have a Mac). And if anyone knows the site owner, might want to email them (I may start a chain later on that, but fairly busy).

Tomorrow is Full Tilt day, because of the freeroll for the FTP Academy. Starts at 1:59 PST (I think). Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I have a purchased movie, and some TV to catch up on. Might play another game on Stars, or not. Might just observe some small play or large play. Pizza is in my future I believe.


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