Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Cash is Better than Nothing

We'll go over stats and hand histories later.

Let us just say that after 5 tourneys, cashed for 30 cents. Now in the Scheme of things, that doesn't seem to be a big jump. But in the continuation of bankroll building, it allows for 3 more buyins. Our ideal cash would allow for 30 more buyins. Following one sages advice, need to build back to $12 or so for $.25 tourneys. My Bankroll is currently $5.34.

Turbos are tough. More in depth on that later. Was forced at a point to go all in with A7 off, on top of a min raise to 800. I won, because this person was actually just trying to steal the blinds (had a few folks sitting out). Going all in with those kinda hands are not usually my cup of tea, but once again, the AK's were eluding me.


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