Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Dealing with Life Here

There are a ton of Poker Blogs out there, decided to follow a few. This takes time and research. If you check my profile, you will find some good reads.

Decided for a small subscription to Sharkscope (200 searches, plus your 5 free a day, for 9.99). This allowed for some more searches above and beyond, plus I can do advanced searches on myself.

Played tweaks on Holdem Manager and Postgres SQL, will be changing those. Might switch to Poker Tracker 3 Trial, see what it is like, if I can get the databases to cooperate.

Usually, I tend to rest after 12 or 1 pm pst. So if doing research, not much time left for poker.

Check out the Full Tilt Poker Academy. My game has greatly improved because of them. Work the challenges, not just the sit n gos. I personally am not in rush to earn points (as some are), so I work them one at time.

P.S. Rebooting, cleaning Temp Files, and defragging are very important. Not only do these actions extend the life of your system, helps to keep memory optimal, and helps those constant connection client (Full Tilt, PokerStars, any online Gaming Client, Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, etc.) to run optimally on yur machine. Just an FYI.

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P.S. - Sharkscope is not allowed while you are playing on site, Stars checks if you are at a table when you run it. Once again, it is a centralized database.


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