Saturday, February 27, 2010

Using Holdem Manager to Perfect the Game

I'm not quite sure WHY they show a box, does anyone order this other than via download? Didn't check whether shipping software was an option, since I downloaded trial, and then obtained license.

This is a more in depth study using some tools and reports in Holdem Manager, to fix the leaks in your game. I will be focusing on the last 19 tourneys (not counting the Freeroll), played on PokerStars. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check out: Analyzing Your Own Play, BIG Part of Studying the Game.

Now, we are looking at stats from the Plugging Leaks 02 – The Basics. It shows statistics for full ring and 6 max games. Since we are dealing with with 360 player .10 cent SNG's, when the 6 max game shows up, that indicates a short table approaching the money, and getting to the final (a very tough ride while in a turbo tourney).

First to check is Sufficient Pre-Flop Aggression: shows as PFR/VPIP. Should be higher than 50. Now, when moving up the money ladder, you will have to weigh your tournament strategy against your Pre-Flop Aggressive tendencies. My full table is 33.5%, while my short table (the 6 max), is 60. So look to change at raising more often, and calling less often. The more profitable player will have 70 to 89%.

Next check is Positional Awareness: Playing positionally strong poker is one of the fundamental concepts separating winners from losers. The more you play in position (being last to act on each street postflop) the more you will win playing No Limit poker. Look at how often you are raising an unopened pot from early position and compare that to how often you are raising an unopened pot from the button. This is where the Preflop Positional Awareness stat comes in and it is essentially a ratio of your PFR on the button vs PFR from early position when unopened. My Pre-Flop positional awareness for full table is 5.3. For 6 max (short handed), is na. Optimal is between 2 and 2.5. Simply tighten range in early position, and open many more hands on the button (keeping good tournament strategy in mind here).

Third is Steals, here we want a number greater than 33%. However, you will want a chip stack to match here. My total steal % is 21.7 full ring, and 14.3 short handed. Along with Aggression, I need to work on that steal material (helps to have potentially steal worthy hands).

Next, am I Check Raising enough? The optimal is 8% to 10%. Mine is 2% on full ring, na short handed. Should increase to 4% - 5%, but more important, depends on your opponent. Here is where reliance on HUDs is not opportune, but watching your opponent for his actions of the moment is the way to go.

Now, for the more statistical indepth study, requires changing your Overall Report Drop Down box, applying various filters, and paying attention to your bb/100 number.

My current Steal Success Rate is 50% (however, the filter only shows six hands). Of the 6 hands, 4 won, 2 lost (the bad beat). The win rate is 67%. My Blind Defend Stats show no negative numbers, win rate of 40%. Using the Heads Up Filter on the flop, showing win rate of 52.6% (out of a total win rate of 11.3%). 38 hands showing, 4 folded to small blind call, 14 lost, and 20 won. My Heads up on Flop, no Pre Flop Raise is pretty dismal, will need to take a look at these hands, win rate 35.3%, bb/100 first time negative. My multiway pots bb/100 is positive. Win rate is 32.4% general, and 27.7% if I did not make the pre-flop raise.

Pocket Pairs Study: VPIP should be 85% to 90% especially for 88 to AA. My VPIP is 100% down to 66. My PFR is 100% down to 99, 0 for 88 and below. Won Hand % is 66.7% on up for 88 and higher (except for QQ which is 25%).

Suited Connectors Study: Look for minus bb/100. These cards play best in multi-way and steal, late position 3 bets. Overall win rate, 27.3%. All suiteds have negative bb/100 except 87s and 76s, QJs, win rate 20%, only won one hand, calling raise in cutoff. JTs, won one, lost one, both in cut off. 10-9s, 50% win rate. 98s is 0% wins. 87s 75%, and 76s is 50%. The others shouldn't even be in there.

Unsuited Connectors Study: the only positive bb/100 were 10-9o and 98o. Tend to win a lot with 98o, usually played from late position or blinds. 10-9o only played from Cutoff, twice, and won one hand. Only other hand called with is QJo, and that didn't work out. The did cold call filter produced only one hand, the 98o, called on the button, flopped 2 pair against JJ and 86o.

This is what I purchased the program for, and it is proving useful. My strategy will need to change, not only to improve the numbers (which should be fairly easy counting only 19 tourneys), but to strengthen my play and win rate. The Tournament Strategy article coming up will definitely take these statistics into account.

Good Luck on the Felt.


shoutoutloud37 said...

i used the leak finder a bit and wasn't extremely impressed as i was with the rest of the software. it only works for ring games. i mostly play sng's so it basically has no use to me. if they added a sit and go and tournament part to it, it would be a lot better

FutureInsights said...

This isn't the leak finder, its the drop down menu. You can find instructions for this under HELP, Articles. Shows you how to manipulate the displayed stats, and how to apply filters (don't know about the leak finder app, never tried it).

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