Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Challenge Begins

I am interested in the possibility of turning $5 into $10k plus. Chris Ferguson turned nothing into $10k, and Boku87 on Pokerstars was able to grind up to over $10k in his $100k challenge.

Now, I've not been so lucky. I started with $10 on Pokerstars, lost 4 10 cent sit n gos. Tried some fixed limit Omaha hi lo (my fave game), couldn't catch any cards. So, despite bankroll management, I played $1 in Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo, to catch back .38 cents, bringing me back up to $9.53. Played a little on Full Tilt, turned $40 into $53 during Rush Poker, 2 sessions, .10 cent game, no antes (so I know my skills are there).

On Full Tilt, I am working on completing MTT challenges, which I can grind out at $1 per game ($53 gives you a lot of tourneys). However, I am trying on Stars to match Bokus success.

Yesterday, starting with $9.53, I lost till I cashed .40 at the 10 cent games. I saw someone lose in the 10 cent SNG's, and go to the 2.20 game and win $18. So I tried that, but couldn't get enough chips to last to the bubble with the turbo of this game. I then lost 14 additional 10 cent games. My stats will say I'm on tilt, but that is not quite the truth.

There is heavy variance, but this is beyond. In at least 6 games, I never played a hand until I was forced to go all in. There WERE NO PLAYABLE CARDS. Now, that is like a virtual impossibility. I started questioning whether Pokerstars actually likes US players on their site. I began to just sit out during the session, only coming in with a partially playable handa. AA, Kk, even AK? Haha, nowhere to be seen but in other peoples hands. How many freerolls have you played where that is the case? 14 freerolls? I saw AA once, and no one called, and KK once, which I got a caller for a double up, but otherwise, no other playable cards. AK suited once, and AK twice. Out of 14 games. Do the math.

Now, I'm not one for dumping Pokerstars. My Bankroll is $5.54 at this time. I don't use HEMs or HUDs, as I believe in the pure form of the game (an ole card room player). However, if this bad streak of cards continues, I will download PT3 trial version, and publicize hand histories. Since you can't deposit $5, only $10 on Pokerstars, this should be the perfect starting Bankroll to match Boku87. Lets see if the luck holds out for US players on this site. I am willing to grind. I also don't play multiple windows, so that I can get a read on my opponents. But reads do no good when you don't have cards to play.

Wish me and Pokerstars luck. Will be posting again soon.

PS, success leads to revealing my User name.


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